BPG strives to:

Raise awareness in the government as well as in the general public about counterfeit activities in Lebanon to effectively address the issue.

Protect consumers from the hazards of counterfeit products and defend the integrity of members' brands by working to eliminate illicit trade from the market.


BPG strategy is set by identifying key areas where its work can deliver the most effective results. The group has adopted a threefold approach to strengthen the impact of its cause by:

  1. Partnering: The group relies on the support of local and international institutions for aid. BPG's goals are achieved by working closely with the government, diplomatic bodies and donors committed to its cause.

  2. Raising Awareness: Getting the message across is an important part of BPG's strategy and key to its success. The group's work depends on communicating the various issues at stake in illicit trade to consumers, trade partners and member companies.

  3. Networking: BPG's efforts keep it in touch with all levels of society. On the business front, the discussion and exchange of views with members of industrial and business associations ensure that its work remains relevant. And in the broader scope, the media is an effective tool to promote BPG's work in the community.  

  1. Confront the phenomenon of counterfeiting, smuggling and copying all types of products, and in particular consumer products, in order to preserve the rights of the Lebanese Consumer and to protect same against fraud and illicit competition.

  2. Ameliorate the marketing services standards of consumer products in order to provide the Lebanese Consumer with better services and products.

  3. Work and cooperate with the private and public sectors, particularly with the Ministry of Economy and Trade and the Customs, in order to protect consumer products, the Consumer, all other products, and intellectual property rights from any tempering or copying or counterfeiting or smuggling.

  4. Participate in encouraging, promoting and upholding trade, production, and marketing of consumer products in Lebanon, in a way that guarantees lawful competition aiming at protecting the welfare of Lebanese Consumers and the products, particularly consumer products, and intellectual property rights from the copying, counterfeiting, smuggling and fraud and preserve Lebanon’s reputation internationally.

  5. Organize meetings, seminars, conferences, and lectures to educate the Lebanese Consumer, private and public institutions, with regard to consumer products and the protection of the Consumer from the copying, counterfeiting, smuggling and protecting the intellectual property rights.

  6. Carry out studies, preparing statistics and research, and publishing the results thereof in any available manner, about various products and economic sectors, particularly commercial, industrial, and agricultural, which are affected by smuggling, forgery, counterfeiting, and illicit competition whether in Lebanon or abroad.

  7. Exchange studies, research, statistics and expertise with other local, regional, and international organizations and associations, in the fields of marketing services, trade, and industry with regard to products in general and consumer products in particular, and their protection and the protection of the intellectual property rights and any other matter related to the objectives of the Association.

The above provisions should be applied in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations in effect and after the approval of the relevant authorities.

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BPG joins together a wide array of local companies and well known multinationals for a veritable lobbying force in the industry. They include leaders in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and pharmaceuticals industries, the retail and distribution business as well as in the automobile, auto spare parts and mobile sectors, with more companies joining forces.