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What is Trademark and Trademark Registration?


Customers in today's market are increasingly bombarded with brands and it is increasingly important for companies to seek ways to differentiate their brands & trademarks. Yet as companies spend more on branding, not many protect this investment at the outset. A company may only look to protect its investment at a later stage when problems arise.


Trademarks Registration allows businesses to stand out from competition, to build a mark reputation and everything it represents (e.g., quality, reliability, trust, etc.). Trademarks must be used properly and protected or they can be weakened or lost entirely 


Trademarks Registration with the Department of Intellectual Property at the Ministry of Economy & Trade grants the owner the right for exclusive use of the mark to identify the source of a good or service.


Once the mark is registered, it confers the right to prevent others from using the same or a confusingly similar mark in connection with specific goods or services across the country. 


The owner can also take more steps to protect its trademark. The first important step is to make everyone aware that the mark is indeed a mark, and should be treated as such. This is accomplished by using the appropriate symbol (e.g., TM or ®)


Trade with counterfeit products is a global increase issue and all the companies & governments are working on addressing the spread of this phenomenon.