Useful Tips

Useful tips to companies in fighting counterfeit:


Monitor your trade regularly and let your sales report any counterfeit or suspected product presence


Be aware that you are the only expert to your brand; check out the suspected product for any visual differences with the original (check spelling on label artwork, missing information, mistakes especially in brands & logo design…). Pay particular attention to the package closure and if there is evidence that it was tampered, or for any signs showing that the package was opened. If you still have doubts, send a sample to your R&D for testing 


Depending on the case, select wisely the right support to help you in addressing the issue. Your selection can go to use your lawyer or to get directly support from one of the governmental control bodies or you can even select to work with all together after providing a proper coordination to their work


It is beneficial to combine your efforts with other group of companies' effort allowing your company to work effectively with the different governmental control bodies & judiciary system. This joining of efforts will influence & improve:

 1- The legal frame work,

 2- The control at borders,

 3- The development of specific anti-counterfeit trainings to the government inspectors, and

 4- The development of a public awareness campaign involving consumers, a key element to win your anti-counterfeit fight.